Hello and welcome to the first post of MindFoodz. My name is Tomas Marak and my goal is to add value into this vast digital ocean called Internet by written word. I remember when I used to browse the Web without any purpose or flick through the channels on TV, the most common message of content and programs were bad news. Especially in the current days, when we have everything literally at the end of our fingertips, change in ways that we communicate and consume has made negativity even louder. There’s complaining and cynicism pouring out of everywhere. Pretending and snobbishness calls for admirers as well as arrogance and ignorance are considered for being step forward.

Therefore, I set myself onto the mission by using various platforms for the counter attack – to make positivity louder! And what gives me the leverage to do so? Simply, my own experience. Life. Living it. Tasting it. Most importantly, evolving and learning along with it.

I’m blessed to have two amazing human beings for parents and friends, who raised me to respect, love and value not only other people, but also myself. They invested tons of hours to show me that anything is possible if only I take action and persevere. Those were beautiful days filled with warmth, laughter and pretty anything one could have possibly wished for being a kid. However, in the second half of my teens all of this plummeted down into big dark hole, which shed exact opposite emotions onto our lives. Guess who was the catalyst for all the happening.

Well, making the long story short ; I emigrated to United Kingdom in the very beginning of my 20’s. I wasted so much time to ponder and to look for what I lost, which was my identity, that evaporated into thin air. Gone. Poof. And as I kept silently stomping around I meet a girl who put a chip back on my shoulder. That very girl eventually became my girlfriend, said ‘yes’ to be my wife and gave birth to our amazing child.

Almost four years ago we have developed into something more. A business partners as we set our sails firmly onto our entrepreneurial journey. Being in progress of personal changes, we have noticed revolving imbalance in our community in the way that we think and how we act. Upon what values and reasoning we raise our children, treat people around us and consequently live our lives. Why do we consciously abuse our health by poor choices of nutrition and physical inactivity. Why are we spiritually hollow, when inner peace and gratitude makes us stronger.

My desire is to create a unity and give hope that anything is possible by sharing inspiration through actions and gained knowledge, because we all can live a live filled with joy and purpose. That is what MindFoodz all about.


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